SiteStory Testbed

For individuals and institutions that would like to testdrive the archiving of their web server content with SiteStory we are offering a SiteStory Testbed. In particular, that means that we are providing a SiteStory Web Archive installation that is free for everyone to use. The SiteStory Web Archive is the central piece in the entire SiteStory architecture as it allows to offload a Web server's content and provides an interface to access the archived resources - Mementos.

To be able to offload content to our archive, users need to download, install, and configure the Apache Module mod_sitestory on their Web server. A detailed howto can be found in the section Getting Started.

The configuration parameters for the module to offload content to our SiteStory Web Archive are:

 <IfModule sitestory_module>
    EnableArchiving On
    ArchivePort 8080
    ArchivePath /SiteStory_Testbed/put/
    EnableIP On

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service in an unlimited fashion. That means we might have to put a cap on the amount of data that is being offloaded to our archive. For that reason we ask users interested in this Testbed to send an email to and provide the following information:

  • name and email address of primary contact,
  • domain name of web server offloading content, and
  • IP address of web server.
With this information we are able to notify a user in case we have to ask to stop the offloading or in case we even have to block the transmissions to our archive.

Once a user has offloaded content it is available in the SiteStory Web Archive. An easy way to access the archived content (Mementos) is via our end-user interface MementoFox. MementoFox is an extension for the Mozilla FireFox browser.